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Q.28:- What will be the situation in which, through a contract between the creditor and the principal debtor, by which the creditor enters into a settlement with the principal debtor or promises to give the principal debtor time or not to sue him: Q.7: – In the event of a breach of contract, what remedy is available to the party who has suffered: Q.18: – A contract by which one party promises to protect the other against losses caused to it by the conduct of the promisor himself or by the conduct of another person is designated as follows: Q.26: – The liability of the guarantor is with that of …………. , unless otherwise provided in the contract: Q.48:- An agent who guarantees to his client, in exchange for an additional commission, that the persons with whom he concludes a contract on behalf of the client will fulfil their obligations: Q.12:- A contract for the execution of the promise or for the execution of the liability of a third party in the event of default is designated as follows: Q.30:- If the terms of the contract between the principal debtor and the creditor are modified / modified without the consent of the guarantor: Q.37: – A person employed to perform an act for another person or to represent another person in his relations with third parties, he is called: Q.16: – At the request of which the guarantor must give the guarantee: Thank you for these questions, Nowadays there are very few people who share questions like rhis. Q.40:- An agency cannot legally order others to carry out actions that it has expressly or implicitly committed to carry out……..: This has been very useful. Thank you for posting the questions. Q.25:- A guarantee for the settlement of the debt owed by the principal debtor is in the shoes of: Q.4:- What are the consequences if a person finds property belonging to another and then takes care of it: Q.41:- An agent authorized to perform an act has the power: MCQ: “Mutual” contracts means___________________? You have to believe in yourself. This is the secret to success. Quality information People will certainly find this really important. I had no idea about some of the things you mentioned earlier, thank you! MCQ: If the person to whom the proposal is submitted indicates his or her consent to the adoption of the proposal, then he or she is called ___ means: Q.42:- When actions are taken by one person on behalf of another, but without his or her knowledge or authority:. .

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