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1. Prior to the Supreme Court`s decision in the Suraj Lamps Industries case (2011), the sale of real estate by surrogacy took place, but this practice was declared illegal in the Suraj Lamps case. The Supreme Court clarified in the present case that the sale can only be made by means of a registered deed of sale. 1. Here, the holder of surrogacy is the company. The Company is not required to perform any other surrogacy. If surrogacy expressly includes the power to make a sale in favor of the company, it can sign a deed of sale. The power of society derives solely from surrogacy. (4) In Suraj Lamp and Industries Private Limited v. Haryana State, 183 (2011) DLT 1 (SC), the Supreme Court has held that general power of attorney transactions do not transfer any title or interest in property except to the extent of the limited rights granted under section 53A of the Transfer of Ownership Act 1882 and section 202 of the Contracts Act 1872. The Supreme Court has ruled that general power of attorney transactions cannot be treated as a full transfer, but they can be treated as an existing contract of sale, and the attorney`s holder can execute the deed of transfer in the exercise of the authority granted 2. An action for judicial instructions to be obtained from the seller or his legal heirs may, if necessary, be brought for the execution of the deed of sale if they refuse to do so on their own initiative. A.

) Yes, surrogacy applies to the execution of the deed of sale 1. If the AMP does not include the power to execute the deed of sale, the deed of sale can only be signed by the original seller or his legal heirs, who must be traced. 3) on the basis of the deed of sale GPA can be carried out by the company 4) Contact a local lawyer. The purchase agreement and surrogacy must be reviewed for further consultation (3) In Harban`s Singh v. Shanti Devi, 1977 RLR 487, the seller had entered into a contract of sale in favour of the buyer and the general power of attorney in favour of her husband. The general power of attorney was declared irrevocable and authorized the lawyer to resell the property in question. The seller subsequently terminated the purchase agreement and all other documents, including the general power of attorney. The Court of First Instance ruled that the general power of attorney was irrevocable, which was challenged on appeal before that court. The Judicial Division of this court held that the general power of attorney had been executed for valid consideration and that the agent had an interest in the property and that, therefore, the general power of attorney was irrevocable.

3) Ask the original seller to execute the registered confirmation certificate in your favor. A deed of rectification must be signed to correct errors in the deed of sale Since the transaction of sale of the property was not completed during the lifetime of the executor of the lawyer`s will, that is, if the amount of the consideration were still to be paid to the seller, it has no value. One. Dear GPA customer is necessary for the execution of the deed of sale. Please try to get GPA with the presence of the owner 1. Find out if the original supplier is alive or not. If the seller is not alive, find the seller`s legal heirs and ask them to execute the deed of sale in favor of the employee welfare company instead of the GPA seller`s original sales contract. 1) You can sign a deed of sale in favor of a third party if it is an irrevocable power of attorney associated with consideration A.) GPA is valid for the purchase contract, but you must fully calculate this risk in your head. For more details, please contact a lawyer via A.

) No real estate sale on power of attorney: Supreme Court Real estate sales through the common practice of general power of attorney (GPA) do not give the buyer a right of ownership. In a landmark decision that is expected to stir up a large number of homeowners, the Supreme Court ruled that the surrogacy method of selling real estate is not a valid form of transfer of ownership. A three-member panel chaired by Judge R.V. Raveendran said the goods can only be legally transferred through registered deeds of sale. “A power of attorney is not a transfer instrument in relation to rights, titles or interests in property,” the board said after interpreting various provisions of the Real Estate Sales Act. However, the board said the decision would have no impact on “actual transactions” under the GPA. Wednesday`s decision would affect both properties and leasehold properties and affect how properties are transferred to Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR), where surrogacy sales are very common. While this may cause some hardship for those who have already bought a property through surrogacy, the ordinance will help curb rate circumvention and the flow of black money into real estate and prevent people from getting scammed by unscrupulous owners who sell the same property to multiple people. • Apartment sold by the builder to third parties if my sales contract was valid, I had a contract for the sale of an apartment in Agra U.P. concluded on 02/11/2012 with a validity of 15 months, after 15 months, the builder with mutual consent and the reason that the construction work is not excessive, renews them for another 12 months until 28/01/2015, Still with the same reason for which she requested, the extension of another 6-month purchase contract was requested, which was concluded on 22.07.2015 and the purchase contract was extended. After that, we sent a notice to the client and on the notification, the client again requested a deadline of 15.10.2015 through his legal advisor. Subsequently, on 17.10.2015, another notification was given for the execution of the deed of sale, but the builder replied again by letter and requested an extension until 15.07.2016 with the same reason that the apartments are incomplete.

After 15.10.2016, the client cannot be found and was recently arrested for forgery and is currently in prison. On request, I learned that the builder had sold my apartment, which had a valid agreement to sell to third parties with deed of sale dated 28/06/2014. Meanwhile, my sales agreement was valid, but now the builder is in jail, what is the recourse and the party who has the deed of sale occupied the what is the legal recourse to get my apartment back. Section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882 1 [53A. . . .